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Serving the specialized Data Management needs of Clinicians and Scientists since 1988

Fig.P Software designs and provides excellent data-driven solutions for clinicians and for scientific researchers that unlock and deliver the remarkable pragmatic benefits of daily "professionally smart" data integration, management and presentation.
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Fig.P - The Scientific Fig.Processor

Scientific Data Presentation Graphics for Scientific Investigators
Fig.P is a highly versatile but quick-to-use scientific data graphics application that fulfills professional demands for appropriate and optimal presentation and publication of research data.

Fig.P was designed by scientific researchers for researchers to easily create the nearly unlimited variety of commonly used data graphics formats found in scientific publications, which business oriented software often cannot provide.

Fig.P serves thousands of researchers worldwide in industry, academia and government. More info: info (at)

Fig.P by Fig.P Software Corporation
  for all 32-bit versions of Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8.0 / 7 / Vista / XP

US $185 direct. To order, see contact info below

Fig.P feature set
User Interface
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Helpful diagnostic messages
  • Notepad to store details of each figure
  • Fix spatial relationships of parts of figures
  • Powerful, fast, on-screen editing
  • Mouse or keyboard shortcuts
  • Create templates for routine figure styles
  • True WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Resize completed figures
  • Network versions
  • Help facility
  • Global editing system
  • Multiple graphs per page
  • QuickFig module for semi-automatic figure creation: good for beginners and for routine figures
  • Zoom facility
  • Free disk of sample figures available
  • Select groups of objects for repositioning or deleting
  • Run multiple instances of Fig.P within a single Windows session
  • Display data, figure and notes windows simultaneously
  • Action Bar gives one-click access to key program functions
  • Render any element invisible without losing its other functions
  • Choose text, line, color and box types with one click from user-modifiable palettes
  • Snap-to-grid facility
Graph Types
  • Line graphs
  • Staircase plots
  • Scatter plots 1D or 2D with optional clean-scattering of superimposed points
  • Bar graphs, single, stacked or over-lapping; adjustable width, displacement and infill
  • Needlegrams
  • Areagrams
  • Data pair connectors
  • Histograms
  • Text charts with text, symbols, arrows, boxes, circles, ellipses and lines anywhere
  • Plot a function with user-defined parameter values
Figure Style
  • Complete color control over all elements
  • Background color can be ramped, double- ramped or two-tone
  • Multiple line types (solid, dashed etc)
  • Full control over line thickness
  • Lines touching symbols or not
  • Multiple fill-patterns for bar graphs and histograms
  • Optional figure frame
  • Move or resize figure at any time
  • Error bars (SEM, SD(n-1), SDn, range, confidence limits) automatically calculated or imported; any style (up, down, symmetrical, transverse, or individualized direction), fully adjustable terminal cross line
  • Arrows of many styles in any position
  • Boxes of numerous shapes in any size or position, filled or not
  • Draw circles and ellipses
  • Draw curved arrows and lines
  • Line plot and regression
  • Staircase plot
  • Smooth natural spline plot
  • Smooth blended plot combining spline and regression
  • Smooth linear or polynomial least squares regression curve fit (with statistics off-plot) in any of linear/polynomial, logarithmic, exponential or power-fitting mode
  • Equation plotter with Marquardt non-linear curve fitting; powerful initial parameter autoguess; easy-to-use equation editor; up to 60 parameters per equation with complex nested brackets; numerous functions built-in; numerous equations supplied including four sigmoid models (Exponential, Statistical, Logistic and Asymmetric); choice of unweighted, partially weighted, fully weighted or individually weighted data; fitted values displayed with standard errors, chi-squared, covariance matrix, correlation matrix, curvature matrix, goodness-of-fit index; plot and table of residuals; automatic creation of theoretical-curve datasets and best fit curve for a dataset; calculation of unknowns for assays; confidence bands or intervals; fix parameters within specified limits
  • Fit multivariable equations
Data Input
  • From keyboard
  • Import ASCII files in many formats
  • Import from spreadsheets including .XLS, .WK1, .WK3, .WQ1, .WKS, .WRK, .WKQ and .WB1 formats
  • Import from spreadsheets via clipboard
  • Direct data acquisition from instruments via RS232 port
  • Scales include linear, log-log, semilog, natural log
  • Automatic or user defined range
  • Complete user control over position
  • Completely flexible tick-mark facility
  • Multiple y-axes and x-axes per figure
  • Multiple plots per page
  • Insets or superpositions
  • Completely flexible axis-break facility
  • Frames with or without tickmarks
  • 20 symbol-types supplied
  • Open or filled
  • Complete size control
  • Option of no symbols or different ones on one line
  • Use characters or character strings as symbols
  • Numerous symbols available with Symbol or Wingding fonts

Data Handling

  • Worksheet editor with up to 7 million cells
  • Numerous transformations including: add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise to a power, reciprocal, change sign, log, user-defined function, logit, probit, normit, probability, t-value, F-value, Z-value, chi-squared, Fourier smoothing, Savitzky-Golay smoothing, Fourier power spectrum, frequency analysis, cumulative totals, successive differences, interchange, sort, cosort, rank, index, tally, regroup replicates, reduce replicates to means & errors;
  • Fast Fourier Transforms and Inverse FFT
  • Data statistics automatically calculated: mean, range, SEM, SDn, SD(n-1), confidence limits, skewness, kurtosis
  • Missing data handling
  • Print data
  • Statistical tests of comparison: t-tests, F-test and chi-squared tests and correlation
  • Area-under-curve calculator
  • No limit to number of datasets
  • Drag and drop or copy and drop blocks of data on worksheet


  • Vertical (up or down) or horizontal (fully rotatable with TrueType or ATM fonts)
  • Use symbols as characters
  • Complete size flexibility
  • European, Greek and scientific characters
  • Complete control of position
  • Super- and sub-scripts (can have both at one character)
  • Automatic or user-controlled tick-mark labeling
  • TrueType and Adobe Type Manager font support including mixed fonts, bold, italic, underlined etc


  • Batch mode automates figure creation from a set of ASCII data files
  • Queue figures to print automatically
  • Export to wordprocessors, presentation programs and DTP packages
  • Supports all Windows output drivers to printers; laserprinters; plotters; slidemakers, file-output etc.
  • Copy figures to file or clipboard as bitmaps (BMP) or Windows metafiles (WMF) for export to wordprocessors, presentation programs, bureaus etc.

For further information, please contact us at:

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